Scientists predict that by 2020, it will be normal for virtually everyone to live into their 90s.

To enjoy a longer life, most people need good physical health, financial security and personal wellness. In addition we need to have a planet that can support us in a healthy way.

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Did you know?

The leading causes of death in 2000 were: Heart disease - 36%; Cancer - 27% and Respiratory diseases - 5.1%.

More than 3000 North Americans die of cardiovascular disease each DAY!
That's an average of one every 33 seconds.

The average obese person will die 13 years earlier than a person of normal weight.

62% of North Americans are overweight.

90% of all men will have some form of prostate cancer or disease by age 85.

It's only in the last 75 years that drugs have become the treatment of choice for disease. Prior to this, natural remedies were the norm and highly effective. Today there is an interest in returning to natural healing alternatives.

There is nothing more powerful than your body's inherent ability to heal itself, as long as you provide it with proper nutrition.

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